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“Ayo / Eh Yo!” – Swami VS Chris Brown & Tyga

As part of our ongoing Swami Sunday video series, I took on “Ayo” by Chris Brown & Tyga, mashing it up with our own Swami classic, “Eh Yo!”.

Check it out below and view the whole Swami Sunday series here.

Swami – Do It Again Remixes

In case you missed it… we released several remixes of our recent Swami single, “Do It Again” for free on Soundcloud! There’s an extended mix, a dub mix, and more! Check them out below.

Swami – Do It Again

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that we just released a new single and music video for the song ‘Do It Again’…. Here it is!

You can stream or purchase the song on Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer and more!

Swami – LIVE at Muthers

We recently performed a private show in Birmingham and invited some of our biggest fans. The whole show (plus interviews) was filmed by a team making a documentary about us, which will be released in 2014. In the meantime, enjoy some footage shot by one of our fans, Aliya….

Swami – Back It Up (Music Video)

And the music video for “Back It Up” is here. Enjoy, DesiRockaz and Neosouljas!

Swami – Back It Up – OUT NOW! [Free Download]

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the first single from “UPGRADE”, the forthcoming album by my band Swami, is here. The song is titled Back It Up and it’s an electronic slice of hard hitting dancefloor audio ferocity with vocals from myself, Sups, and Liana. There’s two versions available, the original mix (in English) and the Desi mix (in Punjabi, Hindi and English). Check out the lyric videos below and get your free download by clicking here.

Original Mix:

Desi Mix:

Made In Birmingham

In 2010, S-Endz appeared in the documentary Made In Birmingham : Reggae Punk Bhangra which was shown at film festivals all over the world. The film is a celebration of the rich musical heritage of Birmingham, UK, and is now available in full on YouTube. Watch it below.

Do U Wanna Come? (Tarli Digital Remix)

Tarli Digital’s epic bhangra remix of “Do U Wanna Come?” is out now! Bringing hardcore Punjabi Bhangra dancefloor vibes to the ultimate Neofunk anthem! Check it out on the audio player to the right, and get your free download here.

September and beyond…

S-Endz is gearing up for a hectic Q4 leading into 2013 with multiple releases coming up for all the NeoSouljas out there…. Check out the release schedule below!

Sept/Oct 2012 – Do U Wanna Come? (Tarli Digital Remix)
November 2012 –  First Swami single from the new album UPGRADE.
Q4 2012 TBC –  Subs feat. S-Endz & Urvah Khan – Universal High

Stay tuned for more info on all of the above… and don’t forget to follow S-Endz on Twitter.


S-Endz wears Hebe Apparel

S-Endz is proud to announce an official endorsement partnership with new Toronto-based clothing company Hebe Apparel. S-Endz says:

I only accept endorsements when I really believe in the company and their products or designs. Hebe are making some really cool stuff, so check ’em out!

If you are interested in having S-Endz endorse your product or clothing, please contact us.

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